My Story

My name is Cat DiStasio (she/they). I’ve been a professional freelance writer for over 20 years, and I wrote for fun long before that. And I’m still having a lot of fun.
write primarily about human resources and technology. I create content marketing assets for B2B companies in all facets of the HR world, from talent acquisition and recruiting to employee engagement and retention. 
Prior to becoming a full-time freelancer, I was a human resources professional, focusing on talent acquisition and recruiting. As an employee and as a consultant, I worked in the finance, healthcare, technology, retail, entertainment, and communications industries—noting, of course, that people are people no matter what line of business they are in. As an HR consultant, I’ve worked with small- and medium-sized businesses to develop sustainable hiring practices, establish fair employment policies, and create inclusive professional development programs. More recently, I’ve worked on a number of projects related to workplace diversity and representation, both in policy and practice. 
In 2009, I founded and authored The Verdant Life, a popular vegan food blog focused on fresh, whole foods. The blog was also the hub of the first-ever Vegan Food Swap, a program I developed in which blog readers shared regional vegan goods with one another. For several years, blogging allowed me to document some of my creative culinary crafts, experiment with food photography, and network with talented food professionals. I still enjoy creating new recipes to share with friends and family and, on occasion, I do recipe testing for new vegan cookbooks, consult with local chefs on vegan menu options, and teach community workshops on food preservation and natural health. 
I hold a degree in Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies from the University of Washington, where I studied race and gender dynamics in the workplace while working alongside veterans of the civil rights movement to create oral and written histories of Southern freedom struggles. I also studied philosophy and education at New College of Florida. I used to read a LOT of books. 

I live in Columbus, Ohio, where I spend my free time walking in the woods, collecting houseplants, and pickling all the things. I also believe wholeheartedly in the healing power of freshly baked bread.